How to create a message management with multi-lanauage?
Application Type
Reactive, Service

I want to manage all messages in app which contains message id, message content, multi-lanauage message infomation .

e.g message define (messageId, message content(default en-EN), pt-PT message, ja-JP meesage), if I want to output a meesage ,I will just input the message id, it will be output message content by messageId, and it will be switched by current locale.

 If  it can use outsystems translation editor to edit the multi-lanauge message content  to impletment it? 

Or it need to implement it byself?


You can create a static entity with some custom attributes. Change the identifier to Autonumber False and use the Identifier as message number.

You can use them the multi-language feature of OutSystems on the message elements that have a datatype text.

See also: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/91072/access-to-static-entity-translation/



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