960 grid with Outsystems works? 

960 grid with Outsystems works? 


Someone could me give an example with 960 grid integration Outsystems??

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Hi Miguel,

I don't have an example currently, but I know of applications built using the agileplatform that used 960gs and blueprint grids for layout. Twitter's bootstrap uses the same system so it should also be easy to do.

The way of using these grid system is always the same:
  • add the grid's CSS to your Theme
  • in your page create containers and style them with the appropriate classes by setting the Style property
    • in 960 you should have a container_XX class for rows and a grid_XX class for columns
    • in Bootstrap you should have a container class in a container that has the whole page content, row class for rows and spanXX class for columns
    • (in both cases, XX means some number)
Using a grid library is a very good idea as it integrates smoothly with the platform and provides an easy way of laying out content without [mis]using tables.

Hope this helps,
Check the OutSystems Platform 8's grid system:

Not only you can use a 960 grid, but also you can customize your own grid!

Hope this helps,
Vasco Pessanha