floating search

please how can i make this floating search 


Hi Abdullah,

welcome to the Outsystems community.

the intention of an exercise like that is that you try to come up with a way of doing it, not ask others.

Have a try, if you get stuck show us what you've got and what is not working for you.

Good luck,


thank you Dorine Boudry but actually i tried alot but i dont know how to hide the search wideget and show on click and search alot didnt find anything sorry for not mention this

reacting to click events and showing and hiding things in the UI is all basic stuff, that gets covered in the beginner courses.  I would recommend starting with the guided path Becoming a Web Developer 

Maybe also start with the beginner exercises on that github too.



Hi Abdullah,

@Dorine Boudry is correct if you stuck somewhere and faced any problem then you can ask and community members are always available to help you.

find below link if you are not sure how to start to achieve floating search war. Try to implement it by yourself and do let me know if you faced any issues.




thank you i will try and tell you 

it works thank you very match 

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