[OutSystems UI] DropDownServerSideItem  - DropdownId returned on select event
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Forge component by Gonçalo Martins
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Service Studio Version
11.54.25 (Build 62773)
Platform Version
11.19.0 (Build 38072)

Since upgrading from Outsystems UI from 2.15.0 to 2.17.0 the DropdownServerSideItem OnSelected event seems to be returning the Id of the DropdownServerSideItem rather than the DropdownServerSide widget

OnSelected event dropdown description is : Identifier of the DropdownServerSide block where the clicked item is.

I've tried a few different things and checked the DOM and the being returned now is that of the item rather than the dropdown, it was definitely working prior to upgrading OSUI.


Hi @Aaron Williams,

It is working as expected, as the event belongs to the Item, so it should be returning the ItemId. The description is not correct though, we will adjust it, so that it correctly mentions the DropdownServerSideItem.

Thanks for the feedback!

Best Regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Thanks for confirming.

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