[OutSystems Data Grid] OnCellChange not triggering when deleting value via backspace
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11.54.25 (Build 62773)
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11.21.0 (Build 39357)

I have a data grid within a reactive web app that writes back changes to the underlying table on an OnCellChangeEvent. The process works correctly except when the user clears out the cell via backspace without clicking into the cell, the OnCellChangeEvent is not triggered. This is confirmed through the black change mark staying on the row and the old value appearing after clicking the refresh button. This doesn’t occur in the number columns because they can’t be blank.

My main two issues.

  1. Why does the OnCellChangeEvent not trigger when the cell is cleared out via backspace without clicking into the cell (clicking delete works fine) ?
    1. Is my only option somehow disabling the ability to clear the cell via backspace?
  2. How can I allow a number column value to be blank? When I backspace or delete nothing changes. I tried changing the IsMandatory to False but nothing changed. The reason I use a number column is because I need to remove the thousands separator from the number.

I attached an OML file example. Thank you in advance.


Hi @Samuel Kalman,

About your questions:

  • From my tests, the backspace is working ads expected on my side. However, it might be related to some improvements we have done, yet unreleased. They will be available on version 2.13.0 (Oct 30, 2023), with the task Id: ROU-4481.
  • Related to the number column,they are required by default. You can change that with extensibility, by setting the isRequired config on each related column to false. I implemented an example on the attached oml.

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso


Thank you for the response.

For the second issue, I set the isRequired config to false and I'm able to clear out the number cell in the data grid. However, the delete AND backspace key does not trigger the OnCellValueChange event for the number columns. Will this issue be resolved as well with task ROU-4481?

Yes, it will be fixed by that task!

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Has Data Grid version 2.13.0 been released? I'm only seeing version 2.12.1 in forge.

Hi @Samuel Kalman 

That release has an ETA of October 30th.


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