Dependencies up to date in DEV but not in QA after deployment
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I've just deployed a few apps from DEV into QA. When I opened Service Studio in QA to run the debugger it said some dependencies needed to be refreshed. Why would that be? Those same dependencies were up to date in DEV right before deployment. Why would it be the case that they're not up to date in QA? Should I refresh the dependencies and then publish the modules directly from within Service Studio in the QA environment? 


Hi @Daniel Johnson 

Which module is showing not up to date.

Is it outsystems default modules or you created that one?

If there is outsystems default module which is up to date in dev environment for ex- Outsystems UI module is up to date in dev but not in QA then you need to push that one also with your application.



Hello Daniel,

In you QA environment, dose hot fix took place before deployment? 

This can be the reason of asking for refresh dependencies other wise in deployment all the modules were have dependency on the deployed module get refreshed. 


Hello Daniel,

First I would recommend you to check the version of deployed modules and their producers in Lifetime. Ideally they should have same versions between the two environments, unless you ignored some warnings at the time of deployment. In case they don't match then you need to investigate to find the root cause, for instance was it a lifetime warning missed during deployment, somebody has published the code in target environment etc.

Hope it helps!


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