[OutSystems Data Grid] ODC Datagrid : How to format auto generated columns
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I'm trying out datagrid in ODC, with auto generated columns.  

I don't find an ArrangeData server action anymore (though the description still says it is an option)

I'm using the other option (JSON Serialize) but that doesn't give any metadata about type.  This means for example that Date fields show up as text columns in the grid, which is wrong for sorting or filtering.

1) is this intentional or forgotten ?

2) anybody used autogenerated columns on ODC yet, and how did you deal with this ?



Hello @Dorine Boudry 

Autogenerated columns aren't supported in ODC and will not be in the short term since it was a compromise to allow the team to launch Data Grid in OCD earlier and collect feedback (this was aligned and decided by PM for several reasons not for this team but for product priorities) - like ODC and O11, the assets are different products so they won't have 100% parity (at least in the low code product designed experience).

The description you've shown is something identified and still not applied to the migration between O11 and ODC, so is not accurate at this point (we'll already fix that on the next release).

Best Regards,

Thanks for the quick reply, @Gonçalo Martins

clear statement

Is there any place where OS shares this type of decisions / exactly what feature are and are not supported and/or is there any documentation on ODC Datagrid ?

Currently, the ODC forge component points to the 011 documentation, including ArrangeData, for example.


No worries @Dorine Boudry.

Those strategic decisions about documentation should be answered by a broader group since are applicable to ODC as a whole. Maybe @Ricardo Alves can add some take on this one.


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