Distribute / Native Platforms Tab Not Found

I just finished making a simple reactive app. I want to try using it in my phone so I'm looking for way to download its apk file, but I can't find the Distribute / Native Platforms tab.. I only see Develop tab

Can I convert my reactive app to mobile app?

That's another question and is a no, you cant convert it right away, but there are some steps you can take.

I already answered in this post


And you have already another post with a lot of answers as well in that subject


Let me know if that answers your question

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Hi Kevin Nikko Mendoza,

You can test your application from Service studio and from browser As you can see in these Screenshots.

Also you can Visit to here for more information: https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/11/delivering_mobile_apps/distribute_as_a_progressive_web_app/


Hardik Khare

Screenshot (191).png
Screenshot (192).png

Kevin Nikko Mendoza is using a reactive application, he cannot use pwa in a reactive application... Please read the question and the answers already provided.

PWA is one of the options to be used, if he wants to use it in the browser and in mobile, but is going to lose some functionalities, " if the mobile application needs device specific functionallity that can only be achieved with mobile plugins, then PWA is not an option. But still you can share a lot of code with a proper architecture between RW and mobile. "

Atm Kevin has a reactive application and not a mobile application

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