I want to Shift my applications from Outsystems 11 to ODC

I want to shift my Application from Outsystems 11 to ODC. There are significant architecture changes , Service Actions etc. 

What are the risks/steps/efforts for this activity?

Anything to evalualuate before starting this? 

Do I have to Raise a ticket with Outsystems for this?

You can have a look at these links



And then yes you can raise a support ticket if you don't find it enough to start the move.

Hello Joshua,

Transitioning from OS11 to ODC is a progressive journey, there are no quick or straightforward steps to migrate OS11 applications as is to ODC.

Risks/Steps/Efforts - All these would largely depend on the type, size and complexity of applications you have in OS11

Anything to evaluate - Please go through the ODC tutorials and other related documents including those shared by Marcio. Once you have the understanding of ODC concepts, at a high level you can perform below steps:

1. Perform a detailed analysis of your OS11 applications covering various elements like applications, modules, dependencies between them, integrations internal/external etc.

2. Try to map them to an ODC compatible structure.

3. By now you should have high level idea about kind of restructuring or changes you need to make in your OS11 applications.

4. Understand the impact on business processes and end users because of this restructuring.

5. Identify forge components you are using in OS11 and check if they have ODC supported versions too.

6. After the analysis if you are comfortable and have made up your mind to migrate, adapt to ODC compatible ways of development.

7. Plan a strategy to migrate your applications, probably one application or set of them based on  structure identified in Step 2.

Obviously then you can reach out to OutSystems to support you with this migration.

Hope it helps!


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