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I am building an application that includes advanced excel to output an excel file. One of the requirements is to have a conditional formatting rule added in the Excel to a certain range. To develop the requirement I have used advanced Excel function ConditionalFormatting_AddRule. I have added a screenshot of my configuration. The result is that the rule is created with the correct address and the correct condition but the formatting is not picked up. That stays empty.

I have added a screenshot of the configuration and I expect the result to be that a rule is created, application for the range in the address that if the cell value is "S" then the background color of the cell should be red ("#FF0000"). I have already tried several configurations:

- Empty the field for Patterncolor

- Remove the # in front of FF0000

- Currently it is in a loop creating multiple rules but also if I create only one rule for one specific cell the formatting values are not set.

- I tried to copy the setup of the advanced excel demo component, and if I deploy that application the rule is correctly created with formatting. But when I copy that configuration of that module, it still does not work. 

Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for your help!


Advanced Excel - Background color issue.PNG

Hi @Teun van Bree 

I've tried with Address = "B1:B1" and I get the following result:

I see that you are using a function to determine the column and build up the address. Are you 100% confident that it yields the correct values?


Hi Teun van Bree,

I have attached a demo file for the addrule method of component.

Hope this helps you. Please let me know if this is useful to you.

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