Uploading files that exist in BLOBs to external storage

「レコードリストを Excel に」を使用して、タイマーを使用して従業員データリストを Outsystems BLOB 形式で保存しています。

このファイルをダウンロードせずにクラウド ストレージ (MS Graph API を備えた One Drive など) に直接保存できますか?


Please explain your problem in English so that more community members can understand and assist.



My apologies. The automatic translation has been activated.

My question is.

I have an employee information list saved in Outsystems BLOB format using "Recode List to Excel" with timer processing.

Can I save the BLOB format file directly to a cloud storage (e.g. One Drive with MS Graph API) without downloading it to my local PC?


Yes, this is possible, you can use the Forge component, Microsoft Graph Connector

This component supports the Onedrive API so that you can save it to your Onedrive, 

You only need to implement the Microsoft Login Connector, because you need to create a token on your behave. 

Or if you need archival storage, you could use Azure Blob Storage and you could use a service account to upload the documents 

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