Displaying Web Block Problems

hi guys, I'm working on my ToDo-List Web App and got a problem. I have 3 Web Blocks, a TaskList to display the List, Task to display Task in the list, and SubTask to display the step for each Task. And I want each time I click to a task, its step will be appeared and when User first reach to the web will see the line "Choose a task to add step...". And the problem here is although no task was chosen, the steps of its still appeared. Like in this example, I got a Task "play" in the List "gg", but when I changed to "Daily Tasks", the steps of "play" still appeared. I tried to enclose with If but it doesn't work. Can you help me with this ?

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Does your entity Task and subtask have one to one relation.

I think once the entity relation is build, this problem get solve, try once.

Hope this solves,


Hi Komal,
I think one task can contain many sub tasks, so I think it should be One to Many relation.

Okay so is that implemented ? (one to many relationship)

yes, it had been implemented since I've first created app.

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