How to retrieve info from XML

How to retrieve info from XML

I have the follwoing XML :

How to retrieve the highligthed information using the XML.xif

I've used HTTGet for getting the XML -> ok !
Used XMLDocument_Load to get it into an XML Document -> ok !
Then I tried to use XmlDocument_SelectSingleNode with thsi XPath "/adc_database/local/city"
Unfortunately I get an undefined element ....

please can someone help me out :-)

Hi Joop,

I never used the XML extension myself, but in general the usual problem when using xml documents and xpaths is when the xml has namespaces, even if it's just the default.

Try to remove the namespace.
First hit on google (didn't test) :

João Rosado
Hi João, I don't see any possibility to remove the namespace in the XML extension.

Anybody know how to do this ?
Hi Joop,

There is a method to do a Xsl transform.

João Rosado
Hi Joop.
There's a working example, using AccuWeather as well, in the extension included in Weather Functions. All done in C# though, not using the XML extension.
In case you're interested, there is also an action there that allows you to search for the location codes, needed to get the weather forecast. :)

Hi Antonio,
That's amazing :-) will include it in the jQueryDigital Clock ... thanks !!
Haha. Very cool!
That code is actually based on the original jQueryDigital Clock files.

The thing is, the look on HTC's widget (despite being insanely cool) didn't really fit well in the design I was implementing at the time (felt very out of place), so I just isolated the core code in an extension and designed my own widget. :D

Very glad that was helpful to a true implementation :D
Hi António,
I still have to find a way to implement your code into the clock...
It's not as simple as it looks to me. Don't know an easy way to incorporate the XIF into the jQuery. But I'll find a way somehow to do it.
And I've seen you alsoi incorporated all the images already :-)
Keep you posted !
build a public page with preparation only logic to generate XML/Json, end the preparation with a download widget and set the XML/Json as the Output.

Then you can call it via Ajax and fetch the data to interpret. :)
Antonio, got it working :-)
Check out the new version: