Re : creating a questionaire based health report system

I am trying to create a hospital questionaire application that has an embedded health report system which will use chart to generate reports.i would like to know how to create a questionaire in a dynamic fashion in such a way that i can edit the questionaire page without redirecting to an edit page.that is onclick of edit button the quetionaire form becomes editable.i have uploaded a sample espace with no business logic implementation but contains my database design /model.
here is a couple of implementations i need to implements but i am having issues on how to go about it(i havent used theOS for along time,kindof rusty)
1)i want to carry out a survey from 4 local clinics by collecting info from different departments
2) i would like to tag survey based on per hospital base anf finaly generate a chart report on per hospital bases and an aggregated collection of results.

I want to handle this challenge on the agile platform but i just need a few pointers at least on how to implement these functions because iam kind of having some trouble.

please sorry for any incoveninece but i am still a novice with the platform i really need some basic help .Thanks everyone