Query giving connection time out error while fetching Bulk Record from SnowFlake
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Greetings All,

I have written a Query, where i am fetching data from  SnowFlake by using snowflake connector as a component Which is available on forge.

My problem is i am getting Connection time out error while fetching Bulk Record through Query.

Below is the query i am using:


My Question Are:

1) I am getting connection time out error while fetching bulk record from snowflake.

2) Is There any other way to connect snowflake without using third-party integration?

3) Can we use API instead of snowflake connector? if yes please explain the flow.

4) Or is there any other way to fetch bulk records from snowflake?

thank you in advance.

Ayush Mishra

Hi Ayush

When you have a timeout, you can fix it in 2 ways:

- increase the timeout of that query or that module, you have probably tried that

- fetch less information

Fetch less information can be done with a timer with fetches for example only 10000 records and then starts itself again. So in the background your data is filled, not directly when you call it. So this is the answer on your question 4.

For a Snowflake API, i think you have to contact Snowflake itself.

Best regards Marlies

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