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Good evening OS community? Can you help me how to pass data from an aggregate and show it to popup?

Like when I clicked the Appointment ID it must show the users appointment details but in my case when I clicked to another ID the details that show still the info of Jonathan.

Here's my current code of LinkOnClick. Can you help me fixed this? I'll appreciate your help!


You must pass the structure to another variable, and that one will be used onthe popup. Try, to create a structure on screen level and pass from the client action what you want to save on that structure which will be used on the popup.

Like this

Using directly from the aggregate on the screen you will always show the first record.

Let us know if that helped you.

Have a look at the OML


I tried this solution and it works thanks man!

Hello, first of all this assign is wrong.

I checked your code, and the input parameter has already the right value.

What I'd suggest is for you to create a local variable with all the information you need for the popup. Perhaps instead of only passing AppointmentId (in LinkOnClick function) you'll have to pass the whole row, save in the local variable in the Assign you're showing and have that variable to show in the popup.

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