Number of views of an application

How to know the number of users viewed an application? 

Hello Naziya,

I am not sure what exactly you mean by viewing the application. There are couple of options you might explore

1. Service Center logs for Traditional Web Requests if yours is a traditional web application. However these logs are maintained for limited duration based on your environment configurations.

2. You can plug in google analytics scripts, this probably is the best solution.

3. You can add your own logs in desired screens, but they are also logged into service center for limited period.

4. Last login information from User entity. However this is for login on any OutSystems application on your platform. You could probably create an extension entity to maintain application specific logins.

Hope it helps!


Hello Junaid,

Thank you for response, view I ment (example we have Instagram posts right we can see how many views we got for particular post) in the same way can we know the number of views from the end users for an application. I hope it's clear now.



Posts are different from applications, I mean typically our applications require user to login unless you create some anonymous application. For instance on OutSystems community forum, for each post we see number of views, that I believe is being generated based on number of users clicking and visiting the post.

For anonymous web pages you can use Traditional Web Requests logs in service center, google analytics, or add some logs in your screen preparation logic.

For those with logins, you can use any of the above suggested options.

Will try doing it, thanks Junaid



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