[CKEditor.Reactive] # character in CKEditor fields causes 403 error
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CKEditor Version 4.14.0

Forge Version 1.0.9

I have a popup with 2 CKEditor fields. Users are able to view and modify these fields without issues. However, I have a couple of aggregates that are refreshed when CKEditor is ready.

If one of the CKEditor fields has the # symbol (for example, font color or expressing a number), when the aggregate is refreshed, the action errors out: Request failed with status 403.

When the # character is not there, the aggregates refresh successfully.

The aggregates do not use the CKEditor fields in their filters or sorts, but there's obviously a relationship between the two.

Example input into CKEditor field, as seen in Service Studio:

Error upon attempting to subsequently refresh dependency:

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Hii @Gaius Augustus,

For subsequently refresh the both aggregates you can try Javascript settimout function.

Remove you both aggregates refresh and use another client action to refresh both aggregates.

In your Onchange_businessUnitId action call javascript and inside JS call your another client action in that you have to refresh your both aggregates.




Hope this helps you.

If issue persistent please send OML file.

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kushwah

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