Identifier mismatch warning while using same external database
Application Type
Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.54.26 (Build 62807)


So we have a app and a service which are connected to the same external database.

The Reactive app only has the read access to the ext. db and the service has both read & write access. So we have created server actions in the service which we import into the app to do write operations.

Now the problem is whenever we assign the Aggregate variable to the input variables in server actions it always gives a datatype mismatch warning like one below.

Also I really can't pin down why Outsystems shows a '2' at the end of the expected value even though nothing like this is reflected in data tab.

Have any of you guys faced something similar? I know it's only a warning but doesn't affect functionality but still I would like to fix this if possible.


The '2' means that in your module there was the same attribute already, and OutSystems automatically added the '2' to make the second occurrence unique. With the information you shared it is hard to tell where that second identifier definition came from, but probably due to the fact that you and reference the external entity as well as some record definition in your service.

If you want a better answer, you would need to provide the module, in which the error occured.



Looks like you are right about that '2' coming from service.

Is their any way to fix this? I will try to provide a sample module but as we are dealing with external db I don't know how much I can share.

Make sure In the CreateOrUpdateCIType to set the data type of ID to KC_CSK_CITYPE instead of KCCSK_CITYPE2

CreateOrUpdateCIType is coming from CSK_Database service. 

And in the service it is KC_CSK_CITYPE, it's just when you the server action in a different module with same data base you get this '2' and a warning.

Hi Naman

Outsystems shows this '2' whenever there is two entities with same names. You have to search in the data tab if you have imported the same entity from two different modules or you have created a duplicate of that entity in your module.

If you need a more clear answer then please share us with the oml of this module, because with the information that you have provided, we are unable to get the exact problem. 

Hope it helps.



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