Role licensing - Community edition

Role licensing - Community edition

im not quite sure if im understanding this right:
community edition is limited to 5 roles... (platform v. btw)

so now i created an espace, with 2 modules.
by default there are already 2 roles "Anonymous" and "Registered".
in espace 1 i created an "Admin" role,
and in espace 2 a "Manager" role.

now in the licensing section, it states that im using 5 of 5 roles.
can someone explain that to me?

are the standard roles calculated 2ce? and why?

i dont understand how one should follow the guidelines,
and split everything nicely to different espaces/modules,
if the role limit is already reached with 1-2 modules..

thank you!
Hi enigma,

If you refering to the "Service Center Roles" feature, it is just roles in Service Center, not of the applications.
(That count doens't actually make a difference since CE licenses don't have the Access Control feature, so all users in Service Center must be administrators)

You should have unlimited roles for roles in your applications.

João Rosado
aah ok, now i get it.
it was just the application roles, dont mind about SC-roles at the moment ^^

thank you!