Custom Theme Design


I am looking for a developer who can create a new Theme for the Agile platform based on the Twitter Bootstrap platform.

Are there any CSS developers amongst us who would like to do some contract work in replicating this CSS methodology in the Agile platform.

Please contact me on if you are interested.


The following website is a good example on how the app should look when using the Bootstrap plafrom


Hi Robbie,

I already integrated the Twitter Bootstrap into Outsystems with most of it JS components, also using for some of my projects with very less limitation.

If you're still finding a front-end developer, can contact me at

Hi Romantor,

I loved the Twitter Bootstrap and planned to integrate it into OutSystems too. Did you have any issue doing it? Will you contribute fo the community or is just business :) ?


PS: I will understand i your answer is "
just business"..
I also incoporated lots of the twitter bootstrap and it works like a charm, in combi with jQuery UI :-)
Losts of CSS stuff to add/adapt but worth to do !
Users love the styling
Hi Mário, 

The Bootstrap integration is not something big, and I can share with everyone. And also I got a lot from this Community :).

I'll create an eSpace with attached Twitter Bootstrap and upload soon.

Thanks a lot Romantor.

Romantor wrote:
The Bootstrap integration is not something big, and I can share with everyone. And also I got a lot from this Community :).
This sentences shows exactly why it feels great to get up in the morning to come into the office! :)

Thank you Romantor,

Hi all,

I finished the eSpace that included Twitter Bootstrap, please use the attached file for development.

If you have any idea about improving it, please share with us :)

Thanks & Regards,
Works great. 

When viewing on a mobile, it does not engage into reponsive mode. The elements are not realigned to suit the resolution of the mobiel device.
Could this be a limitation with Agile, and thus require a separate mobile app??
Have a look at application developed in Bootstrap.  It is mobile responsive and works great on mobile, tablets and the desktop.  You can signup for a free account to try it so you can see how the transition from desktop to mobile works. We'd be happy to share any tips we have. 
Thanks for the contribution! I'm a beginner and trying to install a Bootstrap based theme. It looks like the eSpace has Bootstrap v2 and the theme requires v3. Is an updated version available? If not could someone walk me through the upgrade?