How to create data based on category wise/role access user  and download excel file
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Hi Team,

I have created master table as service provider entity and used other table as travel entity categorized, by static entity as category and took reference identifier in master table , let say if travel , bank and other , if user select travel category then based on that i displayed Air ticket form and so on and also user should be login to role base access as Travel role, which I already created but due to using of domain , I am not able to login . I already created users as well to add role , but not working any one can share oml

But the thing is My data is not inserted properly and I need to save username and email which user will login same one should be saved in master table , but only service provider Id is generated and on other hand travel data is saved by category service type , but category type id is taking 0 and category type id is taking 0. 

once saved I need to get report in excel for whole record which is mandatory based on categorized.

please find attached screen shot.

Hello @Yasmeen Shaikh 

Can you share your oml please.

Better look the code to help you


Gonçalo Almeida

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