Build a speech to text Time sheet application

I am building a Mobile time sheet application

What I want it to do is 

1) Send me a notification every 15minutes asking me ( What are you doing now? ) with a button to answer the question

2) When I hold the answer button it must record my answer and when I release the button it must convert it to text and save the text of my recorded answer and the Date and time signature to an Excel spread sheet along with the user name this Excel spread sheet must be saved locally on the device 

3) I must be able to view the Excel spread sheet as a report  Daily and monthly and be able to print it out

I am aware it will need the Speech To Text Module as a dependency 

I would like any help with this 

need to know how to make the app send a notification with an answer button every 15 minutes

need to know how to make the Speech to Text work when I press the answer button

Need to know if it can save the text locally in a Excel spread sheet or a CSV file 

Thanks for any help  

Hello @Bradley Hastings,

You can refer to the firebase mobile sample to send notifications with the help of timer to schedule it to sent notification every 15 mins. 

And when a notification is received you need to open the application and have a answer button to  
convert speech to text use. 

And to save the converted data export it.



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