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Hello all,

Does the deployment process push or pull or overwrite the already existing code if i'm simultaneously working on another environment but had to do a hotfix on non-production or production directly?

I had a production issue for which I made a hotfix on UAT(non-production) and not on production directly, as we needed to test a lot of cases. This was then pushed to production. Simultaneously, I started working on another UI and business logic (2 modules in this case - 1 with screens and other for all server actions and roles) in development environment. Now the development env has the new code + not the hotfix. I want to deploy the latest tagged version from non production to development (referred answer here). But I want to know if this process will overwrite all the changes or not as I have 2 days worth of development in dev environment.

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Aman Devrath

Hey Aman,

If you're deploying a version that doesn't have your work into the environment where your work is, you will lose your work, yes.

Maybe you should consider saving a version (downloading), doing the deployment, and then opening your version and merge the 2.

Hope this helps 

Hi Aman Devrath, 

Using lifetime will overwrite your code, so you will loose the changes. 

Once you know the changes you can download that modules on dev with changes. 

Use lifetime to sync to dev

Merge the code from the new modules on dev and publish them. 

Hope that it helps you 


You should follow the OutSystems HotFix procedure, which allows to merge your hotfix with your work in dev.




Hello Daniel,

What I understand from his question that when he will propagate the changes backwards to Dev environment from Pre-prod environment whether his changes which he had done in last 2 days will remain their or it will be get overridden with the backward process? Please confirm. And if they will get overridden is there any process to hold the changes in dev and merge the code for hotfixes.

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In the hotfix process, you merge your Pre-PRoduction hotfix change back into development. No Dev work needs to be overridden. The OutSystems Merge functionality is used to merge the HotFix code with the current version of the code in DEV.

Thanks Daniel!. @Aman Devrath I believe this will answer to your concern with hotfix propagation backwards to the lower environments. 

Hi @Daniel Kuhlmann ,

Thanks for the reply.

I followed the link and the steps mentioned. But when I click the compare button (the difference sign) , it opens the application in production environment in service studio and shows me the two versions and its changes. This doesn't help me.

I want it to open the application into development environment where I need the changes to go.



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