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Hello Outsystems Community, I want to ask if it is posible to trigger an action automatically based on time or date because I want to trigger an action that will perform a crud operation that will be recorded in an entity exactly every end of the day. Can someone assist me with it and show me how to do it thank you. 



If you want to perform any action daily on particular time then I suggest you can go for timer. In timer schedule you can choose desired value and write all logic there. Remember timer runs according to server time so you need to consider that according to your required time.


Hello @Josiah Viernes 

I think Timer is the best solution of your requirement. you can schedule a timer at the end of the day for everyday and it will perform your action at the scheduled time daily.

For more information on timers and their implementation refer to the below links 

Link 1 

Link 2

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Hi Josiah Viernes, 

You can create a server action which performs the operations that you need. 

Create then a timer and schedule it as which as you want, daily basis, weekly or once at determine time. 

Hope that it helps you 


You need a cronjob, in outsystems named timers!
Timers have server action associate where you can apply your needs.

Timer documentation

Tutorial video that can helps you


Hi @Josiah Viernes

I will suggest you  using a Timer for your requirements. With a timer, you can set the time for when you want the action to be triggered. You can also schedule it to wake up programmatically. Additionally, if there's ever a need for manual triggering, you can do that too. One more benefit is that the default timeout of the timer is set to 20 minutes.

If your logic takes time to run then the BEST PRACTICE  is use (Timer) for that.

It's important to note that the timer operates asynchronously in the background. I'm attaching some screenshots to give you an idea of how to programmatically set and trigger the timer.

To know more about the Timer!!

Let's take one example :- Assume that I have an employee entity, and within that entity, there is an 'email' attribute for each employee. If an employee does not log in even once during a day, we will deactivate their account.





Please go with timer in which you implement the server action of the logic and assign the time

Hi Josiah,

You can create a timer for a specific time of the day to be called daily and call your crud operation in that timer.

Hope it helps.


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