How to create and use credentials for an exposed api. Test in Postman

What am I missing?

Hi Erick Narvaez, 

Check out here where you can find what is missing 


Hope that it helps you 


Maybe you are missing the "body" ... did you will that with the JSON that your REST service has to consume?

will = fill

Hi Erick,

The error message clearly says "the request body is missing". So it has nothing to do with the authentication. CreateConsumerArtifac has an input parameter BodyRequest. In Postman, this means you have to set the body to (presumably) valid JSON, like Erwin showed.

sorry everyone I forgot to place the bodys.. But.. 

The real problem is that, any data that Username or Password enters, the validation is correct. How can I make sure that when entering incorrect data is correct, it will be rejected?

How to reject if the authentication data is incorrect. Where do I do this validation?

Thanks for your answer. but in this case I use Basic  Authentication.   

How can I relate variables in OnAuthentication  with the  method

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