How can I clone my app to make a version for AppStore?
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.26 (Build 62807)

If I want to publish one standalone version of the application to AppStore;
How can I do this? I know I can clone the main module of the application, but will this suffice? 
Where do I move it, from "Independent modules"? And then after publishing, can I just download the generated IPA file and publish it to AppStore? Then will this app not be affected by future updates of the "real" (not cloned) app? 


Hi Cristoffer,

I think solution which you are thinking will not be right way to stop the changes to get apply on production application which is on play store already. Instead you should create IPA/APK on production and publish those on respective store. After that there are any changes then you can do on lower environments first. After doing on lower env and proper testing only move code to production and recreate the apk/ipa if required otherwise latest changes will be get apply to store application automatically.

But still due to any requirement if you want to create the APk/IPA from cloned application then you need to create clone of main application/module as well as other dependency modules. Because if you clone only main module and publish it then this cloned module will take dependency from main dependency modules and it may create issue if there is any change in any dependency module.


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