Resetting Passwords and Emails in ODC

In ODC, for end-users, how do the password reset functions work IF we don't have emails configured?

Since Admin cannot reset or change passwords, what's a way that this can be done?


We still have some internal discussions at our organization on setting up proper email configuration. In the mean time I tried with gmail's smtp but doesn't seem to work (no log as well). So need a quick workaround or solution on resetting end-user password without emails.

Hi Danpob Pairoj-Boriboon,

For the reset password to work you will still need a SMTP to be configurated,

To Configure Google SMTP:

Go to Manage your google account in email, Enable two step verification And in the username use your email address and the password, u need to generate form manage your account settings and search  app passwords, create an app get get the password. 

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