connection string in Service Studio


I need to use my Outsystems database in a application.

Is there in Service Studio any way to find out the connection string used in my Espace?


Jelle van der Most
Don't do it.

The Outsystems database is VERY frequently changed. Changes made in Service Studio change the schema. Many times, as columns get modified, additional columns get made. The only way to know for sure that you are accessing the right tables/columns is to lookup in the entity/attribute mapping tables at runtime to get the right names for the tables and columns that back the Entities/Attributes, and trying to work with what amounts to dynamically generated SQL is a mess.

If you need to get data in/out of your OutSystems application, write Web Services in the application that expose the data, and consume them from your VB.NET code. This is the way most applications should be written anyways, because directly accessing databases is a bad idea in general since it tightly binds your code to the DB schema.