How can i show label instead of ID when i use data grid?

Hi, all

First, i have not much experience of Outsystems. so Please tell me how can i solve this problem.

I'm using Data grid which i downloaded through Forge.

The Main entity has some attributes and those are Iedntifier of Static entities.

I tried to use grid module following this video and it worked!(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFXOPrkRlrI)

But the Problem is When i open in browser, i just see the Identifier.. not Label.

Maybe i need to do something like.... Making list or record with structure and using For each and list append action I guess.

But i'm not familier with list and record things and Actually I don't know what i need to do.

So Please give me some advice to solve this.


First of all English is the primary language for forum so please try to post in English language.

While fetching the data via aggregate apply join with that static entity and then assign that LABEL of static entity record the data grid.

if you are new to aggregates and joins refer to the below link


still found any difficulty you can share your oml.

thanks & regards



DataGrid will show all fields of your query or you can customize the view with columns widgets, for example: TextColumn, DateTimeColumn, etc.


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