How to get an application version per environment?
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Hi all,

I need to show the versions on specific environments for specific applications (ex. I need the versions of application A on dev, test and prod).
I looked into the LifeTime API, but I can't seem to find an action where I can get the most recent version based on applicationKey and environmentKey. 

Can someone please help?
Thanks in advance

Hi Amit, 

Thanks for your reply. I did find the answer by digging through some applications which do the same thing. 

So in the LifetimeAPI there is an action (Applications_List) which calls the applications. In the response, there is an statusInEnvironments list. Loop through that one to call the action Applications_Versions_Get with the BaseApplicationVersionKey from statusInEnvironments. This way you can get the desired version of a specific application with a specific environment.

Thanks again, Amit :)

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