Auto Complete in Table - Strange duplication

Auto Complete in Table - Strange duplication

Hi enigma,

It has nothing to do with the auto complete.
Its because you are using the same list .Current to append the new elements.
You have something like "ListAppend(somelist, somelist.current)"

Create a local variable in your screen action and use it to do the ListAppends.
ListAppend(somelist, othervariable)

João Rosado
thats what im doing =)
i have a local record list in the screen action, called suggestions and typed Input_AutoComplete_ListEntry

i just tried first appending a record with: id = null and text = ""
to be able to reset the selection

now the list im getting contains: 2, 1 and 2 again =)
1 and 2 would be good now, except for 2 being duped and no reset or initial value

Can you attach a little sample so I can see it?
I'm pretty sure that bad pattern happens when you mess around with the .Current of the list to do the appends.

João Rosado
lol you where right =)

i created a second local record in the action
set the values in the record and append that to the list
now it works - thank you!

something for me to write down; never use .current variables for appending =)