Deploying Application with Separate Modules in OutSystems - Need Guidance"
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I'm looking for some guidance on deploying my OutSystems application, which is organized into two distinct modules: "Studio" and "Studio_Core." The "Studio" module handles user interface, business logic, and user experience, while the "Studio_Core" module is responsible for the application's database entities, storage, and security.

Can anyone provide insights on how to effectively push this application to production? I'm particularly interested in estimations of the deployment process, steps, and any best practices for handling this modular structure during deployment. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I'm not sure if I understood correctly. Do you want to know more about the application deployment process or want to validate your application architecture?

You can take a look at how to create a deployment plan here

You can take another look at the deployment process here

Answering another question, if the "Studio model" is the only Studio_Core consumer, they can be in the same application and when you deploy that application it will load both modules.

If there are other modules from other applications consuming the Studio_Core it's better to separate Studio_Core into another core application

I hope you can clarify your question

its not running and showing player error.

Hi omkar molawade, it could be your browser, try clearing the cache or even changing browsers. You can find the content here at this https://learn.outsystems.com/training/journeys/platform-and-factory-ops-660

Use lifetime

We offer some good eduction at Transfer Solutions, where you learn this kind of topics


Start with some training before you deploy to production ... maybe like @Marlies Quaadgras suggests in a classroom. To get some basic info maybe start here: https://learn.outsystems.com/training/journeys/outsystems-11-overview-621/outsystems-components-and-tools/o11/1308


Below are some link on deployment process from outsystems documentation.

You can refer that for best practices.







Hope that helps.


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