[Ultimate PDF] Downloads multiple files with single click
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Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
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11.54.28 (Build 62865)

I'm currently just trying to test the component in a personal environment, so all I have is one input widget and a button to download the PDF.
However when I click the button it'll download the file multiple times. The amount varies, highest I've seen it download is 10 on a single press.

I've included screenshots of the URL  expression and the logic flow, although they're so simple I can't imagine them causing it

pdf flow.png
pdf url.png
Bit of an embarrassing solution but for some reason I had decided to add the event to my input field as well, which is why it would call the event whenever a change occurred in the widget. The solution is simple, and not at all a problem with the component, but I'll leave this up for someone in case they encounter the same problem
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