Order table by 2 or more columns
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Hello community!

Is it possible to order a table, in Reactive, by 2 or more columns? Just like we can do in excel...

The behavior in excel is this:


In aggregate under sorting tab you can add multiple sorts by multiple columns.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Mohd, 

but I forgot to say... dynamically. I mean, the sort must be done by the user clicking on the columns.

But how would that work, user-interface technically? Anyway, it's not standard functionality, you'd have to program that yourself.

This is exactly what it is about,

you'll have to make your own UI for allowing the user to choose on what to sort, and in what sequence, just mouse clicking on the table header cells won't do it.  

The actual applying to the aggregate would not be any different from now, you would still use the Tablesort variable, you would just build it up based on all columns that your user indicated.


Hi Diogo,

Yes it is possible to add multiple sorting columns in a table we can select variables for sorting in multiple header columns.

hope it helps.

Hello @Diogo Barbosa,

You can create a Client Action to Sort By any column. Hope it helps. Cheers.


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