Process Definition and Instantiation
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11.54.6 (Build 62311)

I have a process definition created in BPT. We are not allowed to use internal OutSystems Entities or Database. So we are connected to external database. 

Our requirement is whenever user creates a new request, we need to create an instance of the BPT process definition and manage the flow of the new instance(new request). Each human activity in the process definition, has a different user screen. 

Please guide us how to build this kind of solution, because we feel  we cannot use UI, Logic, Data low-code capability.


Hello Avinash,

I think below post answered by  @Kilian Hekhuis  answers your question.


Hope it helps.


In addition to that, it is of course possible to "manually" (i.e. in code) start a BPT process, by calling the process's Launch action:

You could add such a Launch to the code creating a new request.

Thank you Mr.Anees for your response.

- Avinash

Thank you Mr.Kilian for your response. 

- Avinash

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