CheckBox Bulk Selection Per Page
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.54.28 (Build 62865)
Platform Version
11.24.0 (Build 41180)

Hello everyone, I wanted to achieve a certain functionality for checkbox bulk select,

the scenario is for each page i wanted to be able to select all the item using the select all checkbox in the header of the table and when i go to the next page the select all button won't be selected and I will still be able to select all the item in that current page.

when i go back to the previous page where i select all, it will be displayed as selected. 
Any idea or comment will be appreciated. 

I've tried searching in the forge but i couldn't find any that would satisfy my needs.

Thanks in advance! Cheers!


What have you done to make it work? This is really important! For you, not for me. 

I would advise you to pick up the start and max records. That way if you click on select all you will be able to go through the items in your screen and select all of them, how to do this(?) the for each has the start and max records input, you just need to use that. And every time you enter a new page you will check if every item is selected or not that way you will be able to know if the select all is checked or not, again, with the start and max records variable.

If you have any problem, let me know. I will try to see if I can do that myself.

PS: I have shared a quick solution/logic, have a look, if it doesn't work, it is something like that you should do...


Which is working

the only thing missing here is to save on the database in the above action.


because every time you are paginating, you are refreshing the database and everything you saved before is being erased by the refresh aggregate action.

So, just save the data and use my logic.

Let us know if that helped you!

Kind Regards,

Márcio Carvalho


Hi Márcio Carvalho thanks for this idea, will try to explore this and let you know once all is good and mark your answer as the solution as well. Appreciate the effort! Thanks!



Hi @ecneru Opmac,

Please look into it below link


Solution also given in this post. Hope this will help you :)



Hi @Amit Verma

thanks for the suggestion will look into this one. Cheers!

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