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Can anyone check my on change logic in Mainpage\JobDetailTest3

- I have company table which will fill in the related company group

- In JobDetailTest3, what I want is when user select company, the relevant company group can only be shown, 

Please help check my on change logic. Thanks.

E.g. When I select ABC Limited in company, CLV will be shown in the company group



You have to taken companyID as a foregin key in Companygroup entity and than apply filter relation ship between the tables is wrong.




Like below image you have to create relationship and apply filter in the aggregate onchange of company dropdown.

Hello Winnie,

I have updated your OML, 

There was no Relation between Company and Group entity, I have created new reference attribute in ComapnyGroup Entity.

You have two drop downs in the same form which displays Company Group, I have made changes in 1st Company group drop down, attached screen shot below,

Hope this helps,


Hi @Komal Kumbhar

Then I have below question, 

As you can see, I have both Company and Company Group Master Page.

- Normally people create the Company Group first, so that they can select the Company Group in Company creation.

- One Company Group can have many Companies, How can I maintain the database here?? and user wont fill in the companyID in Company Group, so how it can be reflected?? 

Kindly advise

1. Company Group

2. Company Master

Hello Winnie,

Ideally you should create Company first and while creating company group you should update the specific company group belongs to specific company.


Would u mind to make an example how to update company group when creating company? Thanks.

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