How to show data in Column Chart as Yearly, Monthly and by Day
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How to show data values in column chart with this three filter Year,Month,Day 

(i am going to show the records created in a table by using createdOn value, so the y-axis represents no of records created in that month or day or year)

In year, i having year dropdown

In Month, year and month dropdown (in this filter, show all months in x axis if year only selected,else if month and year selected show days in x-axis like 1-31)

In Day, having date picker


Vishnu shankar

Hi @vishnu shankar,
You will need to get the data based on your requirement(Day, Month, Year) with different aggregates, 
For all 3 types of data, you will need 3 different aggregates and when you need days(group by date then add the count of that) same thing you will need to do for another type of data as well.
Once your logic is created you will need to assign these values to the datapoint variable as per the group button clicked.

This will show only available data Days/Month in the X axis, but if you want to show all the days/months then you will need to create your data manually by appending the required values in the datapoint list variable which you can pass directly to the column chart.
In the below screenshot, I entered a fixed value for January but you can pass dynamic values as well. 

Please let me know if you have any queries.



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