Check the datamodel of buy and sell app
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I am making a buy and sell reactive web application and confuse in datamodel so im wondering someone check my datamodel and correct it id greatly appreciate your support


Hello @Muhammad Haseeb 

You can use outsystems user table and if you want to store some additional information of your user then create a user extended table with one to one relationship with outsystems user table.

Rest is up to you and the application requirement.

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Hi @Muhammad Haseeb 

It would be good if you post your requirement so we can identify ER diagram is best fit in your case or not.

For now, it seems good.



Hi Muhammad Haseeb, before you start building your data models, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of what you want to build and what requirements are necessary for it. Make sure you have a comprehensive vision of the project before proceeding. Consider simplifying the vehicle type table to avoid redundancies. Instead of restricting vehicle registration to a single user, create a "userVehicle" table to track vehicle ownership and gain a more comprehensive view of usage. Furthermore, since you are already developing in Outsystems, make the most of advanced features and courses to enhance your project according to your needs or goals. This will ensure that you build an efficient and flexible application.

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Hi Muhammad,

Just to add to your answer you are database seems good to go. as it fit the scenario where people can give review about the specific vehicle and can see the details of a specific vehicle.

If you want to make it a selling or purchasing vehicle website then you need to add a new status into your vehicle table as sold or not which will show the user if the vehicle is sold.

and for the payment terms, you also need to create a new entity.

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