Re : Using business rules in currency symbol conversion

Re : Using business rules in currency symbol conversion


Hi everyone am kind of new to this forum but i have to say that i am really impressed with what i have read so far.iam trying to migrate an appp that was developed in .net to agile platform but before then i have currency symbol conversion problem money values such as unit price and amount is being displayed in dollars$ but i would like to convert it to N for example i want all prices like $500 to displayed or converted as N500. ihave tried different ways but to no avail.A sample of the web project is being attached for more details.i need to implement these changes before migrating.thanks.

what in have done so far is as follows
i created a column in the Employee table name culture and inserted the value en-NGN,en-ZA.

i created a business rule that will update the salary filled with required cultureInfo,but  i still get errors.below is a snaphot.In this post is an attached copy of the webproject,click on coolz solution to open it.i also attached a sample datbase backup together in the rar file.Please any help with regards to fixing this issue will be greatly appreciated cos i intend using the database that contains the culture information in future development when i migrate to Outsystems AP.This because there some localized currencies that are not commonly availble that i might want use thats is why its important in getting thsi issue solved.Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi John,

Don't see any attached files in your post (other than the image).
It's a kinda interesting aproach to the problem, but how are you integrating the business rules engine with the Agile Platform?

João Rosado

Wouldn't it be possible to do the currency conversion in OS directly in the screen?

In the table record you can easily do an FormatCurrency() to the salary expression, in that expression you can make a bussiness rule depending on the data from the list. To explain this little bit more:

In the expression of the salary display (lets say: list.salary), you can make the following statement:


In this case if the locale code is "en-EN" a $ sign is shown, else a € sign.

Hope it's a ittle bit clear :)

Kind regards,