Cannot login using microsoft login.

Can someone help me on this issue. i encounter this issue on our pre-prod environment but it's working on dev environment.


Hi Jorz,

At first instant it seems some configuration issue. It will be better if you can provide more details about the issue some error logs. It may be some authentication or permission issue as well.  As you mentioned that its working on Dev env so I would suggest compare configuration for both dev and pre production side by side and most probably you will find the issue yourself. 



Hi @Jorz 

As Vikas said it seems configuration issue I would suggest you to check console windows.

It might be possible you can find actual error logs there which is refusing it.




Please check the error logs from service center or you can try running the debugger to check the error.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Agarwal

i don't have any error logs on service center and this issue is only encounter on emulator but on actual phone app it's working

What emulator are you talking about? The "PreviewInDevices" app of OutSystems or an actual emulator like Android Studio provides?

If it is the PreviewInDevices emulator then it could be that your login component uses a Cordova component. Cordova doesn't work in the PreviewInDevices app and could lead to unexpected issues.

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