Errors when passing boolean input parameters when URL structure is custom - path
Service Studio Version
11.54.28 (Build 62889)
Platform Version
11.18.1 (Build 38276)


I'm trying to use a button to navigate to another screen which has some mandatory input parameters, and I encounter an error in the scenario below and what to see if there's something I'm doing wrong. 

Screen A has a button to navigate to screen B which has 1 input parameter, a mandatory boolean. When screen B has a custom URL with the URL structure set to 'Path', and navigation is attempted from the button on screen A the browser will error and be unable to navigate to screen B.

If screen B has a custom URL with the URL structure set to Query String, this works fine, no error is encountered and the navigation works.

Attached is an OML that reproduces the problem

I'm aware that I could pass the string 'true'/'false' and parse it on screen B but wanted to know if there was a reason Boolean params wont work when the URL structure is Path?




Hey John,

Normally the URL consider the input parameter as string for example if you pass a boolean var let say a=true then "true" is considered as string but when the URL structure is Path then it is trying to get a valid path for the given URL but the input variable "testBool" is a null. It is strictly taking the variable type boolean.

Hope this might help you!

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal 

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