Dropdown server side not working on tablet
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Hello all,

I am having an issue with the dropdown server side block. It doesn't open or work if the device width is interpreted as tablet. Desktop and mobile widths work just fine.

Hello, can you share screenshots both of the code and the devices where this is happening?

Hello, If possible could you please share OML?

Also Please refer this Documentation.

I can't share the oml, but it does the same on all environments we've tested, so it is easy to test yourself. Works normally on desktop width and phone width but with the tablet width (on chrome) nothing happens if you click the dropdown. It seems that 'osui-dropdown-serverside--is-opened' and 'osui-dropdown-serverside-visible' don't get added to the page's css in tablet width.

I've added some screenshots, in both I have just clicked the dropdown.

I tested and it works just fine in the previous OutSystems UI version, so it seems there is some bug in the newest version.

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