Does anyone know how to update the structure of a table within Outsystems

Good morning, Does anyone know how to update the structure of a table within Outsystems, but I'm using an external database.

I created new fields and couldn't find where to update the tables.

I tried using Integration Studio but when checking it gives me this error:

An error occurred while merging template with

'C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\86b235e3-e943-4c6f-a6d2-5cace0ddae38\Source\NET\MySQL_DRV_gin.csproj': 'Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: pattern'.


You means to say that in the table you have to add one more attribute and Db is external DB right.

So you have to open that table in integration studio and right click on that table add column update and publish it.

Hope this will help you 




Have you tried Integration Builder? It allows you to integrate with external databases in a more user-friendly way than Integration Studio. It's also very easy to update the consumed tables when new columns are added or removed.



Hello Junior,

Integration Builder is only way to update your newly created fields, I believe you are using same. After login in IB, You need to refresh your table in left side explorer and in right side you will be able to see new fields, now you just need to select that and you can give desired column name for new attribute, then Publish it(snap below).

In Second step, you need to refresh your table in every module consuming it, using Manage Dependency and select those new fields.

This way you will be able to see new fields in your consumer module.



This van also be done using integration studio, as correctly stated by Ruchi Dubey.

Second step is about refreshing dependency, how it can be done in Integration Studio?

This is second step done in Service Studio(Perhaps it just required to select table name): 

Hi Junior Bolas Boas,

Can you share what change you made.to the structure. Did you change a datatype or a mandatory property?

Did the table in the external table already have data? If so, can you still delete it? Because if you can delete it, then do they first before applying the change to the entity structure in integration studio.



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