Dropdown tag checking

Please go to page Mainflow\UserTeamDetail

One user may belong to more than one team, in this page, take Team(Test) example, i have created a dropdown tags. But no record is generated after I click save.

- May anyone help check and advise the logic, what I want is if the user belong to two teams, after select that two teams in the dropdown tag, two record will be generated. Instead of create twice. Kindly help with it. 


Hi @Winnie Lam ,
If you want to create multiple records as per the dropdown tag then you will need to pass the list to your Action1.
you have the current list where you are storing the data of the dropdown tag, pass this list to your Action1, update the logic to handle the list, and create the new records in the loop.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


Hi @Anubhav Rai , can you help share the oml to me for study? Thanks,

I can not able to publish your OML due to missing dependencies, but sharing screenshots for your reference.
1.) Update your Action1:- Added new input parameter(CurrentList), Follow the screen to loop the Team list and createUpdate user_Team.

2.) Pass the currentList to the Action1 in your SaveDetail screen action.

@Winnie Lam ,
You want only 1 record to be created irrespective of multiple team selections?
That selection should be saved in the team2 attribute of your aggregate.
Is my understanding correct?

If yes then this demo OML will help you.



This demo OML is for multiple records at one click.
Please have a look and let me know if you have any queries.


Just wondering how can I edit the dropdown tag record once I have saved in UI . Thanks.

@Winnie Lam ,
Currently, you are binding aggregate list to the dropdown tag but if you want to edit it you will need to create your list manual.
For this create a local list variabe which can be used in your dropdown.
1.)Create onafterfetch action for your existing aggregate, and create a list that can be used in your dropdown tag. 
2.)Replace your aggregate binding with local variable binding.

Please let me know if you have more queries.


Would you mind to update your oml with an example? Thanks.

Hi @Winnie Lam ,

If you dont want to create 2 records, we can use assignment like below, make sure that user can be assigned only to the limited team count. Say to the max of teams can be assigned to a user.

So the entity design can be changed.

Can you make an oml for my study, I am stucking in the save logic in order to create the record for all dropdown tag options in one record. Thanks.

Hi Winnie,

Please find below your OML I corrected the code.

Please check, if you need any help please let me know. 

Thanks & Regard,



Hi @Winnie Lam 

Please find the OML for the logic I mentioned Above.


When saved successfully and I would like to go inside to edit, inside the content cannot display User field and dropdown tag. May I know how can solve this. Or any way to edit the saved record with the dropdown tag?Thanks.

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