Mobile - Force client to access/request older version
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 If we have a mobile app A with version 100, and we publish a new version 101, then the clients will see the new version of the app, the published one, version 101.

 Is there any way to access an older version of the app, version 100 for example? If so how, and if not, what is the breaking limitation?

 The why behind this question is to have an app deployed in an environment at any time, without the users having to get thrown out of their processes while using the app because of being forced to update.

It's a good practice to have separate development and production environments. This way, you can test your new versions in the development environment before deploying them to production. This approach ensures that your users are not interrupted by updates and can continue using the current version of the app while you're testing the new one.

In terms of accessing an older version of the app, once a new version is published, the older version is replaced and cannot be accessed by the users. However, you can manage this by maintaining different versions of your app in different environments.

I recommend reading more about application deployment here

Hope this helps!

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