takes the current long latitude position to create a polygon map

so I want to take the latest position when drag on other coordinates of another shape. However, the results always display the previous long lat data



could you please provide little more details about the issue which you are facing.


my project

You can check my project, I want to give new coordinates when I draw the black line, but it doesn't work, if I drag the red label map it works. I want the same setup

I have never worked with Google Maps but have some experience with Leaflet so it could be that my approach is not the correct one.

I would create a Event Handler for the Click or the RightClick events. When this occurs I would store the selected point in an array. For the first click this would be your starting point, each consecutive click is the next point in the polygon. 

With the OutSystems Maps feature that would look like this;

The handler looks like this and exposes the click lat/lon

You then draw the polygon as you already are doing. 

Hope this helps,


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