Transitioning from OS11 to ODC - Seeking Guidance and Insights

Hey everyone,

It's hard to believe that 2023 is already drawing to a close, and along with it comes the renewal of our software and services licenses, including our OutSystems Enterprise license. As we evaluate our options, the sales team has been nudging us towards the ODC route.

For me, this transition is a bit daunting since I've become quite familiar with developing in OS11 over the past year. Now, I'm faced with the task of learning a new platform from the ground up.

I've been doing some research on the ODC migration, and I've come across some valuable insights shared by the community. One particularly helpful discussion was started by Daniel Kuhlmann, and it's worth a read:
Best Practice Design Approach in OS11 with Near-Term Transition to ODC in Mind

Some of the technical details discussed in these forums can be a bit complex, and I'll admit, they go slightly over my head. I'm especially concerned about the fact that all my static entities in OS11 are set to auto-number true. I'm hoping the process of fixing this won't be too challenging. There's a helpful guide by João Heleno that I'll be using to create a sandbox for testing before I tackle our application's static entities.

Additionally, Ana has shared her own experiences and insights about the transition to ODC in this discussion:
Will OS11 Be Replaced by ODC?

From what I've gathered, it's clear that transitioning from OS11 to ODC is a gradual process. There are no quick or straightforward steps to migrate OS11 applications as they are to ODC.

One burning question I have is whether OutSystems provides any tools or support to facilitate the migration from OS11 to ODC, making the process smoother and more efficient.

In my case, my main hurdles will be:

  1. Ensuring a seamless transition of data from OS11 to ODC.
  2. Refactoring our current processes to align with ODC (especially since ODC doesn't have processes as we're used to in OS11).
  3. Ensuring our application is up and running as soon as we make the switch to ODC.

I'd greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or recommendations from those who've already embarked on this journey or are in the same boat. Your experiences and guidance will be incredibly valuable.

Looking forward to your thoughts and advice.

Allow me to expand on my previous statement. Unfortunately, ODC is exclusively offered as a paid option. This means that you can't even experiment or undergo training with ODC until your license is activated.

Another critical aspect to consider is whether our Forge Components are compatible with ODC. Fortunately, we don't heavily rely on Forge components, but it's a factor that warrants attention.

Hello André Smit, 

Yes, you are right, the transitioning from OS11 to ODC is a gradual process. From what I'm aware, this was already requested as an idea:

and, as you can see, OutSystems is already working on trying to simplify and improve this transition. However, this might take a while...

Anyway, a huge amount of components were already "translated" to ODC, meaning, you know have a version for it both in ODC and in OS11. For the ones that are missing, you can always try to ask for a version in ODC... 

Best regards, 


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