Weak in making Database entities and logics.

I am new to outsystems ,I'm learning it from outsystems training and build some guided apps ,But im weak in making database entities ,how entities should be linked with eachother in datamodel and logic building .So need some advice from seniors and experts what should i do to make these perfect,I will appreciate your effort. 

Hi Muhammad Haseeb ,

Here is the link to learn outsystems by creating application and database too .

Here is the databse data types which helps you to understand basic needs of database .

Database References

Data Handling 

Data Modeling 

This will definitely help you .


Arif .



If you have any other problem than please share with us .

Thanks for asking here .

Hello Muhammad Hasseb, 

Besides the links shared before, I would recommend you some practical training, because the way you built the data model depends on the needs of the client/project. 

Saying this, I would recommend you to go through the how-tos guides, which will lead you to have more practice by following the step-by-step exercise and getting your hands into coding. You can find it here: 

Best regards,


Thanks for sharing

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